I’m on holidays at the moment from work so I’ve had a bit more time to make more involved meals. After reading a post on the blog I was left craving Nikuman (steamed pork buns). There was only one way to solve this problem and that was to make my own.
First up I made the dough, then the filling, then assembled then. I think I did an ok job at sealing them which is a bit tricky. Here you can see them ready and waiting to be steamed.


And then in to the steamer.


I think they turned out pretty well! They certainly tasted delicious.


I served them with a carrot & daikon salad, a lettuce,tomato,tofu and sesame salad and some steamed Asian greens with bonito flakes.


Btw, apologies for the yellowness of all my photos these days. The light in my house is very yellow! I’m currently working out a way to rectify the situation.

Thankyou Nami at for the wonderful Nikuman recipe! I will be making them again very soon. おいしい です ね!

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