We ❤️ Arashiyama 

Good food day today.

First up, breakfast at Ohanabo.

   Then we headed out to Arashiyama. We like Arashiyama a lot. We visited some little temples off the tourist trail, which was great because they weren’t busy at all.
Then we had lunch at our favourite tofu restaurant. So, good. Last time we were here it was bucketing down with snow. Today they had the windows open!

Then a bit more of a wander around Arashiyama, and a rest by the river.

Then we headed back to the city. We stumbled across a cat cafe that was especially for Bengal Cats. We couldn’t resist and went in. 

For dinner, we braved Pontocho Alley again. I was a bit wary after last nights dinner. But, it was ok, dinner was good. We had grilled things on sticks.

Then we had a quick drink at an awesome little bar. Then home.


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