We ❤️ Atlanta

We really liked Atlanta. Not that we saw a lot of it, but what we did see, we liked. And the people were so lovely. Unfortunately we didn’t get to eat a whole lot of great food which was a shame, because I had a list that was as long as a novel of places that I wanted to go to. But, y’know there’s only so much time and stomach space. 

Our first full day in Atlanta was actually the 4th of July. Having never experienced a 4th of July in America, we didn’t really know what to expect. As we had done so much driving the previous day, and as we were also worried that traffic might be really bad given that it was a public holiday, we decided to stay close to home today. We had breakfast (homemade granola) at our wonderful accommodation- which was an amazing and huge family home and we we the only guests.

Then went for a wander along the Beltline towards the Ponce City Markets. It was pretty hot and humid in Atlanta. In hindsight, walking probably wasn’t the smartest of choices.  The Beltline is a pathway made from a disused train line. It’s pretty cool.

We made it to the markets. First stop, a coffee at Spiller Coffee.

For lunch we had chicken burgers from Hops Chicken. Mostly because we liked their logo. I bought their tshirt and everything. The burgers were pretty average.

After lunch we had a bit more of a wander along the Beltline and saw some Tiny Doors – a really cool art installation of cute tiny doors located in various places around the city. 

Have I mentioned it was really hot? Oh, that’s right, I have. Icecream was in order. America makes very good icecream.

In the late afternoon/evening we went up to the rooftop of Ponce City Markets were there was an event for 4th of July. We spent the rest of the evening up there, and had a fun time having a few drinks and playing the sideshow games they had. We had cheese toastie type things for dinner. And popcorn.

On our 2nd (and last) day in Atlanta, we went to the Centre Of Puppetry Arts where they have the most awesomest ever permanent exhibition of Jim Henson and all his awesomeness. We saw Fraggles and Muppets and Sesame Street and Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal and it just ruled. Go there if you can.

For lunch we went to the highly recommended Mary Macs tea rooms. I had the roast pork and Steve had Chicken Fried Chicken. Real good.

Then we decided to go on a big drive and visit the quaint country town of Helen which for some reason (there is a reason, but I can’t remember what it is) is a German town. I also wanted to see the Chattahoochee river. It was really hot when we got there. We had coffees. The staff in the cafe liked my Neko Atsume t shirt.

Checking out the river. The smart people were floating down it on tubes.

Icecream time again!

Then we drove back to Atlanta where we went to the biggest drive in restaurant in the world, The Varsity. It wasn’t so good, but what can you do?

Bye Atlanta – wish we could’ve stayed longer! 

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