In case you wanted to know…

When I started this blog quite a few years ago, it was to show case my collection of stuff. After 7 trips to Japan I have quite the collection of all things kawaii. Hello Kitty, Studio Ghibli, Goofy/Disney, Gatchapon (capsule toys), penguins and who knows what else. Basically, I like stuff. Especially cute stuff. Over the years, this blog however has morphed in to a food blog. It started in about 2013, when I decided to upload a photo of every dinner I ate for one whole year. Why? Well, mostly because I could. And I was interested to see what I ate in a year. Also I have a terrible memory, “what was that really delicious meal I cooked last week?” Is something I say a lot. After a year of uploading pics of my dinners, I couldn’t stop, and this continued on for about 3 years. I eventually decided that I couldn’t keep up that level of commitment, but I would still keep it predominately as a food blog. That doesn’t mean you won’t see posts about random cute things. Or travel. There’s always travel. Though that usually involves food also. 

So to sum it all up, I like Stuff is a blog about stuff. Whether that is food or travel or cute things, no one really knows.

I’m hungry now.

Thanks for reading.