Hokkaido 2007

Our first trip to Hokkaido was in Spring 2007. We caught the overnight train – the Hokutosai – which was fun. I couldn’t sleep on the train though, so it kinda defeated the point and was exhausted when we got in to Sapporo the next morning.

Still, the holiday must continue, and after checking in to our accommodation (the VERY awesome Ino’s Place) we went straight to Ramen stadium at the Sapporo train station, for what must’ve been our 8th bowl of ramen in as many days. Needless to say the ramen was amazing, however the combination of lack of sleep and over consumption of ramen, led to “…..I’m never eating ramen again..” type comments. This lasted only a matter of days as we were chowing down on bowls of ramen mere days later in Ramen Alley.

ANYWAY… this is my Ramen Stadium Kitty. It is sadly only a metal 2D type. I did have a proper Kitty Ramen Diva from the Yokohama Ramen Museum, but I foolishly lost it 😦

Ramen Kitty

Next up is Hello Kitty Hokkaido Fox.

Hokkaido Fox

Susukino is the night-life area of Sapporo. Clubs, pubs, seediness, the usual stuff that goes with any night life area. It’s pretty hip though, and everyone’s always fashionable. There’s a lot of up market department stores also. This next Kitty is Suskino Kitty. She’s all dolled up ready for a night out, although she is also carrying her ‘fashion accessory’ dachshund. Hmm, I’m not sure this type of thing should be encouraged.

Susukino Kitty

Seafood is big business in Hokkaido. I don’t think I have ever eaten fresher seafood than when I’ve been there. So damn tasty. Crab, in particular is in abundance in Sapporo & Hokkaido. So here’s Kitty getting in on the act.

Hokkaido Crab Kitty

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