Now I know I’m Addicted…

When I got back from Japan in 2007, I started having regrets about all the Hello Kitty charms I DIDN’T buy. That’s when you know you have a problem.

So I got on to teh internetz and found a few I like. It’s kinda cheating I know, but….

Space Invader Pixel Kitty

Awesome, hey? How could I resist?

This next one is Daifuku Kitty (that’s pronounced Die-foo-koo, not any other rude word sounding way thank you). Daifuku are glutenous sweets that have strawberries and sweet red bean paste inside them. Really quite hard to describe, but just take my word, they  are a taste sensation!

Daifuku Kitty

Daifuku display

The photo above shows a plastic daifuku display in a shop window in Kyoto. The next photo shows a half eaten daifuku. Oishi!

Strawberry Daifuku

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