Dinner #33: 31/8/12

Tonight we went out to dinner with the always lovely Pete & Nicole. We went to a favourite Japanese place in the city called Jun. We like to pretend we are in Japan at an Izakaya when we are there. It’s quite authentic, and reasonably priced. So basically, we opened our beers (and ciders) and ordered a whole lot of food and started eating as it began arriving.
Firstly there was Japanese potato salad.


So as you can see, the Izakaya way is small plates of different types of food that is usually shared. Often described as ‘Japanese tapas’.

Next, the edamame arrived. And it came with a cute paper origami bowl to put the empty pods in.


Then there was the crispy whitebait (or as we call them ‘the chips of the sea’) and age dashi tofu.



Then some yakitori. Chicken with shio(salt) and pork belly with shio. The pork belly was exceptionally tasty.


And Japanese beer to go with it all.


Some onigiri. Pete had bonito onigiri. The rest of us had salmon. Best onigiri out of Japan. They a slightly warm, and super delicious.


Finally we had (more) pork belly, but this had onion too and was bread crumbed and deep fried and came with tonkatsu sauce.



Well we had eaten a lot of food but decided that we wanted a little more. So we ordered baby squid cooked with butter, another serving of the pork belly yakitori and chicken skin yakitori. Divine.




Some more beers were had also. And a good time was had by all.


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