Dinner #76: 13/10/2012

Tonight we took Steve’s parents to Halu Japanese Restaurant. Halu is the best. It’s our favourite Japanese restaurant in Perth, and really, the only one worth going to. We ordered a heap of food and shared it between the four of us.

So there was some sake. We had the Nikko Ichimonji Junmai and it was delicious.



First to arrive were the assorted pickles. Divine. The taste takes me right back to the streets of Kyoto.


Arriving next was the sashimi of the day. Salmon, king fish and another (can’t remember). I didn’t actually have any sashimi. Whilst I do love me some raw fish, sometimes it doesn’t love me so much so I generally think its best to give it a miss. It looked good but.

Then there was the salad. Possibly my favourite dish! Dressed with a sesame dressing, strips of crispy wonton wrappers and delicious tofu (made fresh at the restaurant) Amazing.


Wagyu Beef Tataki. Very tasty.


Another highlight for me. The braised pork belly kakuni with a soft boiled egg. Yum.


Scallops on lotus root.



Crumbed Fremantle octopus. Freaking divine.


Always a favourite. Agedashi tofu.


And we even managed to save room for dessert.
Green tea icecream (me), Cheesecake with azuki (Steve), Creme Caramel (Peter), Black Sesame Tiramisu (Jude)


The desserts were spectacular.



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