Dinner #78: 15/10/2012

Steve and his parents enjoyed a lovely day in Fremantle today, and I met them in the evening at Little Creatures for dinner. They had already snacked on some Fremantle sardines & octopus before I got there, but then we ordered some pizzas and chips (or should I say frites).

The pizzas were pork sausage with fennel and bocconcini & prawns with coriander pesto.


Little Creatures frites are probably the only chips I actually look forward to eating. There’s just something about them that make them extra tasty. Plus the aioli dipping sauce is always a pleasant extra. So I was a little disappointed today to find that they just weren’t up to scratch today. Not quite hot enough, not quite crispy enough, kinda oily and not enough salt, they let me down today ūüė¶



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