Dinner #110: 16/11/2012

Well I still seem to be suffering from the lingering effects of this flu I’ve had. So I dragged my sorry self the doctors this afternoon, and after much waiting around, left with a prescription for antibiotics. I can’t remember the last time I had antibiotics – maybe about 12 years ago? I guess I can’t complain too much then. I just hope they help me feel better.
ANYWAY, so kinda didn’t think about dinner or what to have, so as we have a loaf of bread in the house ( a rarity for us) we are totally having scrambled eggs and bacon for dinner. Except the bacon is actually speck. And we ran out of butter so I made some out of some cream I had left over in the fridge.



Can you see Hello Kitty on the toast?



Who says breakfast can’t be dinner?

(the tomato is from our garden btw)

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