Dinner #237: 25/3/2013

One of the highlights of our trip so far is the breakfast. Yeah, it’s just a basic hotel buffet, but the offerings are super delicious. It’s hard not to eat everything.



This morning, for the first time (and only very briefly) we actually got to see the Matterhorn. It’s been covered in clouds the whole time we have been here, but it peaked through just briefly today. It’s pretty amazing.


Still not feeling well enough for any skiing or snowboarding, after breakfast we caught the furnicular up to Sunegga where we watched other people ski, and then went and had hot chocolates and then Jäger Tee (best ever) and Vienna sausages and chips.




For dinner, I was determined to have fondue. We are in Switzerland after all. We ended up going to a little place called Cafe Du Pont, which at first seemed a little scary, but was actually really cool, nd cosy and full of locals. We had a another Jäger Tee and the herby fondue which came with kilograms of bread and potatoes. It was good, but soooo much food. It could have easily feed 4 people.





It was snowing lightly all day today, but on the way back to the hotel rom dinner it was really starting to come down. Very atmospheric
br />




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