Dinner #318: 15/6/2013

Look, don’t judge me…I’m having fish fingers tonight. I know in advance that I’m almost definitely going to regret it after I eat them, but y’know sometimes you just got to have fish fingers. I reckon about once a year is about as often as you need to eat them. I’m still sick and I always feel like stupid food like fish fingers and mashed potatoes when I’m not well. I’ve added some broccoli for added nutrition.


***UPDATE: I did regret it, almost instantly after taking the first bite. They were pretty foul. I’m SURE they were better when I was a kid. I mean, I remember they ACTUALLY had a decent amount of fish like substance in them. Now they are 99% breadcrumbs. Anyway, the moral to this story: Even if you think it’s a good idea at the time to buy fish fingers, it’s not. But you’ll probably do it anyway.
I doubt I’ve learnt my lesson. Give it a year or so and I’ll do it all over again 🙂

BTW the mashed potato (which had added garlic in it) and the farmers market fresh broccoli were REALLY good. And I don’t even really like broccoli.


  1. Well well well – I could hardly believe my eyes 🙂 It must be about 10 years since I’ve cooked them and I can remember the taste so clearly. Might just buy me a packet soon. Back when the kids were young we probably had them once a week.

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