Dinner #353: 10/7/2013

I’m starting to feel a lot healthier at last. I really did not enjoy this flu at all. Not that I ever enjoy being sick, but sometimes it’s not as bad as others. But this cough was something else! I’m still coughing, but a lot less, so thankfully, I think the end is nigh. Then the trick will be to not catch anything else! I think I’ve had my share of sickness this Winter, so fingers crossed this is the last one for at least while.
Because I’ve been so sick, we haven’t really done a proper grocery shop in the last couple of weeks, so I’ve been scrambling to think of things to cook. I’ve gone for “Donburi” tonight – that is, stuff on rice in a bowl. The stuff on the rice is : sweet garlic eggplant, tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelette), fried bean sprouts and pickled ginger & cucumbers. I just remembered I was going to make tofu too…oops I forgot! Oh well, it’s plenty of food even without it.




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