Dinner #363: 20/7/2013



I was going to make Paella today. Had it all planned. But it did involve going to the seafood shop as well as a couple of other shops. But this is what happened…
We bought a new fridge last Wednesday, mainly because our old one is waaaaay too small and a little bit rubbish. It’s been something we’ve been trying to buy for ages. Anyway, it was meant to be delivered today, between 9am and 12 noon. And so we waited…and waited…and waited…and then that was the morning gone. Steve called them around 1130am asking and was assured they would be here by 1230pm. Ok, so we had lunch and kept waiting. In hindsight, one of us should have just gone to the shops…but…We had lunch, still nothing. Decided to have coffees, but realised we’d run out of milk, so I decided to nip down to the nearby IGA to get milk. Came back. Still no fridge. Steve had called again, apparently the delivery man had left 15 mins ago. About 30 mins had passed since then. Our house is, at most, 20 minutes from the shop we bought the fridge from. FINALLY, just as Steve w finishing making our (Chemex) coffees the dude arrives – it’s after 2pm by this stage. Ok, well never mind, he’s here now. He starts unloading it. Takings it out of the box. Steve notices – it’s not the fridge we freaking ordered! For f&$!’s sake! The delivery man claims to know nothing and even kind of insinuates its our fault for some crazy reason. Says something about the fridge being the wrong one on the receipt (we were fooled by this momentarily, on closer linspection, the fridge listed on the invoice, was, indeed the fridge we wanted and thus bought).
Anyway…the fridge delivery man put the fridge back on his truck and disappeared into the (rapidly approaching) sunset, with the promise of a phone call when he got back to the shop. Well, this phone call never came, and eventually Steve had to phone them. Apparently they will deliver our real fridge on Monday. We didn’t really get any kind of apology. I will not be shopping with them in the future.
What has this got to do with anything, I hear you ask? Well after we wasted our entire day waiting around for incompetent people, I couldn’t be stuffed with dinner.
And so, we had Halu takeaway for dinner.
The End.

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