I’m cooking from this book tonight.


Bought this book from the Sacher Hotel Cafe in Vienna. Home of the famous Sacher Torte and other deliciousness.

Making a goulash. It’s actually Fiaker Goulash (I’m not actually sure why, perhaps I should google this) and it has extra delicious things in it such as Vienna sausages and gherkins. Divine.

I was going to have a crack at making some knödel to go with it, it’s been a long while since I last made them. But at Elmars I found this :


A packet mix to make potato knödel. (I make knödel out of bread – for those of you who followed our European trip blog, you would have noticed my discovery that bread knödel are Austrian (hence, those being the ones I’m familiar with) and potato knödel are German. )As I’ve been eating much more bread and wheat products recently than I really should, I decided the potato knödel were the way to go.

There’s also Kraut Salat




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