Dinner catch up

Wow, sorry I didn’t realise I was so far behind in my posts. Not good enough!!
After the previous nights delicious hot pot, we had, you guessed it, leftover hot pot! It was just as delicious.




The next day we had Taco rice. I tried really hard to make something else with the mince but the lure of Taco Rice was too strong.


Steve was feeling a bit sick and it was cold outside so I decided to make a chicken noodle type soup. It turned out extremely delicious. I put lots of garlic and chilli and ginger in it, so it was kind of an Asiany soup flavour. But with Italian noodles. It really was very good, I hope I can make it this well again next time.


Then I made some veges and tuna and stuff on rice. The miso sugar snap peas are particulary good.




Then a good old fashioned roast chicken dinner on Friday night.


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