All the whiskey

Started the day with breakfast at Trunk in the city. I had baked eggs.
No photo of the eggs, but here’s some shots of Trunk.



Had a bit of a wander around the city, then met up with Danny & Jen and Anton for lunch at Kokoro Ramen. Sadly, after a weekend of over indulgence, I was too full to have ramen, so I just had a small bowl of Chashuu pork on rice. It was rather tasty.
Feeling a bit weary after lunch, we headed back to Danni & Dales place for a bit of a rest.
We decided that a light dinner was in order, so got some supplies from the nearby Coles and had cheese, crackers and salad for dinner. Good dinner.




Then we headed off to the city to Heirloom – a Japanese restaurant/sake/whisky bar. We met up with Nic & Yesh and drank some fine whiskys and beers. I had a Yoichi 12 Year Old, and this other slightly more expensive than I probably should have paid one – Mars Maltage 3 + 25 28 year old pure malt from Nagano. It was tasty. Also enjoyed some delicious Coedo white beer.





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