Perth, why you be so disappointing?

Sorry, I’m a week behind…bear with me 🙂
Last Friday (21st Nov) I went out to dinner with a bunch of work friends. We went to Two Fat Indians in Mt Lawley, and I was looking forward to a large delicious curry and an ale. Whilst the company was lovely – and a fine time and many laughs were had by all, the restaurant was more than a little disappointing. Poor service (had to ask multiple times for a drink – then only one or two of our table got our orders in), around a 2 hour wait for our food(honestly, how long can curry take? Surely it just needs to be scooped out of large boiling vats out the back?) and sub par curry made for more than enough reasons for me never needing to go back there. Shame really. But then what did I expect? This is Perth after all. Oh, and it wasn’t cheap either.
I got the vegetarian banquet, which in hindsight was a mistake and it was waaaay too much food.




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