Last Saturday (13th Dec) my friend Danni came to Perth so she could come and see Things of Stone and Wood who were playing in Perth as part of their 25th Anniversary shows. Way to make me feel old. The first time I saw TOSAW was at free University and Record shop shows as I was only 17 and couldn’t get into the pubs to go see them! Where those years went, I’m not sure…
Anyway we had chicken tacos for dinner with coleslaw, avocado etc


Then it was off the (always classy) Charles Hotel for the gig.


We met our old TOSAW buddies Angie & Kirsty at the gig which was lovely and just like the old days. The crowd wasn’t very big, but TOSAW played great. They have also somehow managed to defy the ageing process as they all still look exactly the same. Lucky for some.



Good times. Good times indeed.

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