Cheap Trick!!!

We went to A Day on the Green to see Cheap Trick tonight. We were a bit excited to finally get to see them. There were massive storms forecast for the day so we were a bit concerned that maybe we still wouldn’t get to see them. But magically the skies cleared and it turned in to a lovely evening. We possibly had a couple of sneaky Single Malt whiskeys in car park whilst waiting for the rain to clear.


We brought salami and Brie sandwiches from home for dinner. We ate these whilst The Angels played. I was quite a fan of them back in the day, but sadly Doc Neeson is no longer with us, I’m sorry, but The Angels without Doc just ain’t The Angels. Dave Gleeson tried hard but it just didn’t work for me.


Then Cheap Trick played and they were rad. Sure, ideally I would’ve loved to have seen them about 30 years ago, but they still kicked arse. They sounded great. And luckily they played ‘Surrender’ & ‘I Want You to Want Me’ or I would’ve been sad. So good.



Oh and then Billy Idol played. He was ok, but went on a bit.
Good times.

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