So much meat…

Today we met our friends Nicole & Pete for lunch in the city at German restaurant Brotzeit. I’m always skeptical of Perth food establishments, as I’ve been burnt so many times before, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But much to my surprise, it was actually really good. The menu had many of my German faves on it and wasn’t crazy expensive. We opted for the big platter of meat to share which had a pork knuckle (with delicious crackling), beef ribs (very tender) and an array of German sausages (the Weisswurst was the best IMHO). It also came with 2 sides – we chose the spaezle & steamed veges. And we got an extra side of sauerkraut, because you can’t have a German meal without sauerkraut. The platter was HUGE and at $88 between the 4 of us, quite good value for money I thought. I also enjoyed a couple of Paulaner Dunkel beers – one of my fave Munich beers.





It was really good. But, man, I was soooo full after. So much meat.

So when dinner time came around I so didn’t want (or need) any more food BUT we had heaps of leftovers from the previous nights BBQ. I can’t handle wasting food, so we had to try and eat at least some of it. I didn’t eat very much.


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