Olive pickling experiment Part 1

We found an olive tree in our front yard the other day. We share our front yard with 3 other units, but no one else seemed to want the olives, so I thought I’d pick some and have a crack at brining and pickling them.



Picked just under half a kilo. I thought I’d just try a small batch for my first attempt. Who knows if it will work or not? Then I washed the olives, cut a slit in each olive and put them in jars. The jars then were filled with water and the olives weighed down with some bags filled with water. It’s important the olives stay submerged or they can go mouldy (or so I’ve read).



The water will need to be changed daily for the next 4-5 days. And then it’s on to the pickling process. Watch this space!



  1. Cool! Waiting to see how they turn out. The olives Dale’s mum grows aren’t really eating olives so they weren’t that nice pickled.

  2. Totally impressed B with this experiment of yours.
    I am now in the throws of food drying field mushies that I harvested in the local reserve today…… Will send progress shots soon.

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