Exploring our neighbourhood

Went for a bit of a walk this morning. Started off by heading up to Beaufort Street. Tried to stop in at Five for a coffee but they had lent their coffee grinder to a coffee cart at the art market up the street 😱 so they couldn’t make coffee! I like Five though, they have comfy couches, friendly staff and good coffee. With no coffee, we continued on our saunter. We made it to Northbridge and stumbled across a cafe called OED Bob. Strange name for a cafe. I did read what it stood for but I can’t remember now. We were pleasantly surprised to see that they had Matcha lattes on their menu! 🍵 so we ordered two and sat out in the sun. It took quite a while for them to bring out the latte’s and they were a little sweeter than I like, but they were still nice and it’s a cute little cafe. Would go again.


We had a bit more of a wander around Northbridge, and by then started to get hungry. We decided to get lunch somewhere. We settled on cheap Japanese at Is Donburi, but I was put off by the menu of teriyaki everything, plus it wasn’t actually that cheap. So we hightailed it out of there and went to Lot 20 instead for coffee and some really tasty chips.(listed as Tokyo Fries on the menu as they had nori and shichimi on them)


We eventually decided to head home via a few Asian supermarkets to pick up some things for dinner.


For dinner, I made a Japanese hotpot with prawns, enoki mushrooms, tofu, cabbage and fresh rice noodles. And some rice that we bought today which comes from the Hyogo prefecture in Japan. There was a slight incident in tonight’s dinner preparations when I smashed a jar and glass splinters went everywhere, resulting in some food having to be thrown out (man, I hate throwing food out). But eventually we managed to have dinner. (We had to eat on the table in the lounge because the kitchen table was covered in dishes that we had to wash after the broken jar incident)





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