I wanna rock and roll…

I’m starting to feel a little better…slowly. Still coughing though. Steve is still quite sick though. However, sick or not, tonight we were going to see Kiss. When I was in preschool (5 years old) I was obsessed with Kiss. I had Kiss t-shirts, records, collected the Kiss cards, etc etc in fact Gene Simmons is probably at least partially responsible for me deciding to take up playing bass. My obsession faded over the years, and I must admit I can’t remember when I last actively listened to Kiss. But, after missing them on every other tour they have done of Oz, I figured I really should see them live, and it was now or never. 

But first, chicken quesadillas for dinner (with some of the leftover chicken I used to make yesterday’s chicken soup).

Kiss didn’t disappoint. It was all quite spectacular. They rocked hard and there were fireworks and smoke and lights and lasers and all sorts of craziness. At one stage Paul Stanley flew out over the crowd on a flying fox type thing (with his guitar and all) on to a stage in the crowd that looked like a giant lazy susan. There was fire breathing and blood spitting from Gene Simmons. A huge “spider” rig with lasers that they would get lifted up on to. Amazing.


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