Last Saturday 24th October, we headed out just before lunch to a new food and wine festival called Beauvine which was happening nearby. Things that are walking distance are good. We got there around 11:30 am and our tickets allowed us to stay til 4pm. After that, it changed over to the evening session. We tried lots of samples of wines, and bought some delicious cocktails. We had had some really tasty lunch – care of The Chophouse which was a combination of Clarence’s restaurant on Beaufort Street and Old Faithfull Bar & BBQ. We had slow cooked brisket with potato salad and Green Beans with shaved Apple and jalapeños. They were deeeeelicious! Later in the day, after a few more wines and cocktails I had a cheeseburger and Steve had a pulled pork bun with coleslaw. Again super tasty. 

On the way home we stopped at the Queens for a drink. But we soon realised we had already had more than we really needed to drink. I couldn’t even finish my drink! At least we were like the couple sitting near us – they had also clearly just come from Beauvine Festival. They ordered drinks, a burger each, chips and some sort of squid or something. The girl ate about 3 of the chips, then the rest of it got left untouched as they departed. 

I went home to have a nap. Steve managed to head out to a cat exhibition at a nearby gallery and then on to have dinner with Pete & Nicole and Anna Purna Nepalese restaurant. 

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