Not everyone’s a winner baby

Today we had a delicious breakfast care of Ohanabo.

Then we went to the Yamazaki Whisky Distellery where we went on a tour and drank some delicious Whisky.

Then we had a very late lunch of Pork Katsu at Kyoto Train Station Eat Paradise.

Then we saw some illuminations at Nijo and at Kodaji Temple.

Then it was way past our dinner time, but we weren’t really hungry, but we were a bit so we thought we had better eat something. We were near Pontocho Alley and we have had good food there in the past, even though some parts can be a little touristy. We were tired and didn’t really want to walk much, so we hastily decided to go to one of the first places on the alley that have a view out to the river. We got in there and it looked alright, if a little budget. The menu was limited, but Steve decide on an Eel Donburi, and I decided to get the tempura set.

It might look alright in the photo, but mine was dreadful. The tempura was soggy and tasted like rancid oil and everything just tasted a bit crap. I couldn’t even eat it finished. So very disappointing. If you are ever in the area – please don’t go to this place, I wish I knew the name of it, but we ran out so quickly I didn’t even look. There is so much good food in Kyoto, it’s so disappointing when you make a mistake and go to a place like this. So lame. Oh well…lesson learnt.

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