It’s tough work keeping up a blog…

I feel like time is going so quickly and before I know it another week has raced by. Here’s some meals I’ve been making. 

I watched a show in NHK about Hiroshima which featured okonomiyaki. Feeling a little disappointed that I didn’t get to have any Hiroshima okonomiyaki on this trip, I decided to make my own. Although, I made just the regular style – Hiroshima style okonomiyaki includes either soba or udon noodles.

The next day I made some prawn cutlet type things with salad and potatoes.

Bacon carbonara

Sweet beef udon noodles soup. Except I didn’t have any udon, so I had to use somen noodles instead.

The next night we had the leftovers and then went to a quiz night in support of the Cat Haven. We did pretty good, but we didn’t rank in the top three.


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