Eurovision 2021

Hi folks! It’s been a while I know. Apologies for my long absence but y’know life and all, sometimes it all gets a bit much. I’ll try to do some more regular updates…but for now…here’s Eurovision 2021!!!!!

After the heartbreak of Eurovision 2020 being cancelled due to Covid, it was extra exciting to be hosting our Eurovision party this year. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since the last one! Time flies sometimes.

We did a lot of pre Eurovision shopping at our favourite places – Ludwik and Son, Charlie’s Fresh Food Market and The Little Home Bakery.

Macchiato for energy boost at Charlie’s

On Sunday we began the cooking. Some old and new favourites.

A Eurovison staple
Ladybug chocolates
Poppyseed strudel (not homemade)
Flags and cow creamer

Steve made Feta and honey filo pastries.

These were a big hit (and delicious)
A shot of Enzian (Gentian) schnapps to kick off the night
Our contribution to the night
Steve looking like an Austrian mountain climber (or serial killer – you decide)
My new favourite beers

A bunch of friends came around and brought a whole lot of food too such as Curry Wurst, Bitterballen and Mezze Platters.

Getting in to the food
All good here
Nicole made this delicious cake

We all ate lots of food and had a lot of laughs. Eurovision was exceptional this year. Particular highlight included Iceland and their amazing circular Keytars and Lithuania and their yellow jumpsuits. So very good. Italy took out the win tonight – well deserved.

Beer + Eurovision = winning
Go Iceland!
Bright lights!!

See you all next year!!!


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