2007 – the addiction sets in

On my 2nd trip to Japan in 2007  is when the addiction really kicked in. So many Kitty’s to collect, how can you stop at just a few?

Here are some of my Tokyo ones.

In 2005 I was disappointed I didn’t get a chance to go on a Swan boat. They seem to be on every lake in Japan. In 2007 I was determined not to miss my opportunity again, and got to go on one on the lake in Mitaka, near the Studio Ghibli Museum. It was exciting for a while, then it was just hard work. Here, Kitty re-enacts the excitement of cruising around a lake on a swan boat.

Swan Boat Kitty

Swan boats

This next one, I love. Kitty, dressed as Godzilla, climbing Tokyo Tower. Two references in one handy charm. As an interesting side note, in 3 trips to Japan, we have never been to Tokyo Tower. I’ve seen it from a distance though.

Tokyo Tower Kitty

Crepes. Crepes are good. Especially in Japan. Freshly made and filled with a whole lotta sugary goodness.

Crepe Kitty

We were lucky enough to go to a traditional Shinto wedding at Meiji-Jingu in Yoyogi Park near Harajuku. It was amazing, and we got to dress in kimono and everything. As the wedding procession walked the grounds of the shrine many, many tourists snapped our photos. The bride-to-be dresses in this amazing quilt like white kimono and carries an umbrella, really super awesome! So…you can see my confusion when I purchased the next Kitty. I thought it was a Shinto wedding Kitty, but turns out it is a theatre Kitty, possibly Noh theatre, but I am not sure as I am not familiar enough with Japanese theatre.

Not quite Tokyo, but the next is from the Yokohama Aquarium. Kitty dressed as a penguin, and if you look at the second photo you will notice a baby penguin on her back. Super cute!

Yokohama Aquarium Penguin Kitty

Yokohama Aquarium Penguin Kitty 2

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