Kitty 2005

Ok, finally I am going back in time (cue swirly screen and sound effects) to upload my older Kitty charms…back to where the addiction began.

On my first trip to Japan in 2005 and I hadn’t yet gained an addiction to collecting Hello Kitty charms, so I foolishly only bought a few.

So this first one is Kitty as Nana, from the Japanese manga of the same name. Nana is a punk singer, hence the tartan skirt.

Nana Kitty

Next up we have the Tokyo Giants Hello Kitty. As is probably evident, Tokyo Giants are a baseball team, and here Kitty is dressed in both the home and away uniforms. Got this when we went to a baseball match at Tokyo Dome, we saw the Tokyo Giants -v- Yokohama Bay Stars. It was cool, there were beer girls. No need to leave your seat to get a a beer re-fill. Bay Stars won.

And it seems this is my last Kitty – Lipton Ice tea/Rody Kitty. Came free with a bottle of iced tea. Rody is the name of the horse thing she’s sitting on.

Lipton Rody Kitty

Oh, and just realised I’ve told a lie, I do seem to have one more Kitty from 2005…hasn’t be photographed though, so will track it down and put it up soon.

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