Dinner #241: 29/3/2013

Well, we did actually manage to go snowboarding today. Well, when I say snowboarding, I mean going slowly down a slight incline and face planting the snow several times. It was all good fun though, and I didn’t hurt myself that much :/ We are planning on another lesson on Sunday, hopefully we won’t be too sore to move though.

Anyway, it was a very exhausting day, and I decided I’d earned a beer. I hadn’t managed to have one in Europe yet. Mainly because a) I’ve been a bit sick b) it’s freezing and what sort of crazy person drinks beer in this weather? But the cafe/restaurant we went to was cosy and beer looked tasty so i


We both had Speck Knödel soup for starters. It was super delicious.


And then, because I need some more cold meat and bread, I had the Tirolean Speck for my mains. Steve had Schweinsbraten (pork with onions and knödel) Both were heartily delisiocus




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