Dinner #243: 31/3/2013

We had another day of snowboarding today. Heaps of fun, but incredibly exhausting. It was also our last night in Innsbruck, so we decided to have dinner at the restaurant at our hotel the Goldener Adler (great hotel btw).

For starters I couldn’t go past the Knödel soup and it was delicious. Steve had “The Mozart Special”or something like that, anyway, whatever it was called, it was freaking divine. I was a little jealous I hadn’t ordered it t



For mains I had an array of knödel and dumpling type things. Very tasty. Steve had a potato and speck and egg thing (like Austrian style rösti).



We wanted dessert, but couldn’t fit anymore in, so instead opted for an Apricot schnapps & a Tirolean single malt whiskey. (Not pictured as camera battery ran out )

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