Cold Kyoto Nights

Caught the Shinkansen to Kyoto today. It’s real cold here too. It snowed whilst we were on the train. Checked in to our hotel, then set about exploring the local area. Then headed into Kyoto station where we spent about 8 hours in Yodobashi which is s store that sells pretty much one of everything. After making some good purchases, it was dark outside and we needed dinner. After some time being lost in the maze that is Kyoto station, we stumbled across an okonomiyaki restaurant. We went to it. It was good. We ate a seafood okonomiyaki and another one which was a bit different ( had noodles in it too) but I can’t remember what it was called. I had a large (actually small) delicious beer. Steve had a plum wine high ball soda thing.






Even though it is absolutely freezing here, everywhere we go MUST have ice in the water they serve.


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