A whole lotta dinners

Ok, so where was I? After getting back into Perth at about midnight, then home at 1am, then to bed by 2am, I had to get up and go back to work in the morning. On top of that Steve got sick/food poisoning during the last leg of the flight home. So it’s kind of been chaotic around here since we got back. Hence my lack of updates. Most of our dinners have been pretty basic too, so I think I’ll just update you all in this one post.
So on Wednesday, I managed to make it through my work day, but when I got home I pretty bloody tired. Steve wasn’t feeling up to eating anything, so I just made me up some tuna, egg and rice. ( which is tradition on Wednesdays anyway- although I certainly didn’t make it to roller derby tonight!)


Thursday I couldn’t be bothered cooking much so just had the leftovers from Wednesday.

On Friday, Steve was feeling a bit more like eating, so I made yakitori skewers.

After trying Taco Rice in Tokyo, I just had to try and make it myself. The result? Delicious! Also pickles made in my new pickle press.


You’d think we’d be sick of Japanese food by now, but no. Ginger pork with bean sprouts & agedashi tofu.



And finally, to get us up to date – we have pizza. With figs!



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