Flying and more flying

Tuesday 28th January
Left Tokyo this morning flying with JAL bound for Singapore. JAL are an awesome airline with spacious seats and good food. Even better was the plane was half empty so it was quite an enjoyable flight, well as enjoyable as flights can be I guess. We got rice crackers and green tea for snacks and Haagen Das Icecream for dessert.





Oh and I bought this awesome JAL Hello Kitty. Kawaii!!!


Landing in Singapore took some time so we ended up being quite late to make our connecting flight to Perth. Had to walk speedily through the airport to make the connection. We made it ok, which was good, sadly our next flight was with Qantas and was 100% full. Needless to say it was quite a sucky and uncomfortable flight and they didn’t feed us for aaaaages, and when they did it was a bit rubbish. And we only got one little bottle of water throughout the whole flight. I don’t really like Qantas.


One comment

  1. Thanks very much for sharing your experiences – most impressed with the photos and the detailed descriptions of the food and extra matters that happened – good and not so good.

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