Eats from the past week

Apologies once again for not updating this more regularly, but sometimes it’s difficult. So here is the week in review:
Monday – BBQ’ed up some sausages we had hanging round in the freezer plus some haloumi & some salads.


Tuesday: went to Cottesloe beach this evening to see Sculptures by the Sea. It was a lovely evening and we even went for a swim. Briefly considered getting fish and chips for dinner, but when we saw the lines out the doors we decided to instead come home for chicken katsu curry. As an added bonus I made a lettuce and pickled daikon radish salad. It was REALLY good.


Wednesday: I made wasabi salmon donburi. A really simple dish, but very delicious none the less. This one is def going to become one of my new faves. Also, please note we have got throughout massive bag of rice.


Thursday: apparently I only made Japanese food this week. Taco rice today. With salsa.The best.





Friday: it was Harmony Day today and I dressed up in my Japanese Yukata for school today. Appropriate for my week of (unintentional) Japanese dinners. Tonight I had leftover taco rice, then headed off to Derby training.



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