Pork n greens hotpot

The weather is a little cooler at the moment and that can only mean one thing- it’s hot pot time! Decided to do a pork based one as I had leftover thinly sliced pork from a previous meal. So the one I chose was called pork and greens because it contains pork and a whole lot of Asian green vegetables. Went down to my favourite grocery store to pick up the ingredients. I knew some of the greens were very specific and I would have to substitute with (hopefully) similar items. Luckily the shop owner is very helpful and gave
me some good advice as to which veges are good in hot pots. Ended up with cabbage, spinach, kang kong and another type of Asian greens which I didn’t get the name of. Also got some enoki mushrooms and happened by chance to see they stocked konyaku noodles (which we had recently enjoyed in Nozawa on our recent trip to Japan) so got those too.
Anyway, with some great ingredients its hard to mess up a meal ( I always think its kind of like cheating) and the hot pot turned out to be delicious. The greens were tasty, pork was delicious and I especially love the enoki mushrooms. Best of all, there’s plenty left over for dinner tomorrow!







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