I’m really behind on my posts. The killer flu from hell came back to have a THIRD go at me!
So…last Sunday before I got sick again, I made a pretty amazing slow roasted lamb shoulder with spinach and mashed potato and carrot. It was a Jamie Oliver recipe (search the internet for it) for those of you taking notes.



Monday we had leftover lamb with salad and spinach. Incidentally, the spinach cost me $1 for three big bunches. Bargain of the century. And it was really good spinach too.



Tuesday I was sick as a dog ( what does that even mean anyway?) again. So we had rice and an egg. Pretty much all I could stomach.


By Wednesday I was feeling a tiny bit better, but still just wanted real simple food. So just had real basic garlic and parsley pasta.


Thursday. Which is when I am typing this. Feeling a lot better, but still not 100%. Although I am considering going back to work tomorrow. I made rice noodle cakes with marinated tofu and a spinach salad.



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