Christmas Day 2014 in Tokyo

Christmas was a bit unusual for us in Tokyo. It’s not really celebrated in Japan, so it’s just another normal day. There is still lots of decorations and Christmas illuminations and other assorted Christmasy things around though. We decided to the head to a cafe in an area named Takadanobaba for “Christmas Lunch”. This wasn’t any old cafe. This was a cafe themed after a popular (and awesome) Japanese anime named Shirokuma Cafe or Polar Bears Cafe. We found the place quite easily, which is always a bonus in notoriously difficult to navigate Tokyo. And it was open, which was also a bonus 🙂 The cafe was themed really well and all the food options were super cute. I decided on getting the Penguin Ebi Fry (breadcrumbed prawns) whilst Steve got the Panda curry. They were almost too cute to eat. Almost. I also had a Panda matcha latte.




Panda kun and Penguin San were sitting up at the counter.



There was also a small shop at the front of the cafe that sold original character goods. I may have bought an item or two.




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