Enjoying my early birthday present to myself

I ordered some Matcha tea off the internet. Yes I know, I should’ve just brought some home from Japan. But I didn’t and anyway The shelf life of matcha isn’t very long, so it’d probably be no good by now anyway. When I ordered the tea I also got me a chasen (a Special whisk for matcha) and a cute tin that has a sieve to prevent lumpy matcha.


I don’t have a proper matcha chawan so I just used one of my cute bowls.
First the sifting.


Then the whisking. I found it a bit tricky to make the matcha all frothy like its meant to be. But I got a bit of froth.



And then I enjoyed it with an adzuki bean flavoured Kit Kat (one of the few I have left that were brought back from Japan)
Oishii desu ne! 🍵
Tastes like Japan!


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