Sunday wandering…

Went for a Sunday wander around our neighbourhood again today. Stopped at Five for a coffee and a “Deli Platter”. 

 Then wandered up into Northbridge for a spot of food shopping. On the way back we stopped in at Mela Indian restaurant to buy some delectable Indian sweets, because, well we could. Overcome with choice anxiety, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the lady behind the counter (who turned out to be the owner) was super friendly and let us try about 10 different sweets. They were all delicious so we basically just randomly chose 8. They were packed in a cute little box and were super reasonably priced at $10 for the lot. We walked home and promptly enjoyed some of them with a Chemex coffee.




I put dinner on to cook at about 3pm – slow cooked Osso Bucco. But I cooked it in my fave cast iron pot and not the slow cooker. I’m officially done with the slow cooker. No more flavourless watery meals for me!


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