Supanova Part 3

Less lining up today. Got there a bit later today, and watched our friend Pete compete in a pinball tournament. He didn’t win. Although he did come 4th. Not bad.

Then I did some lining up again. Again for Nathan Fillion. This time to go to his Q&A session. There was s massive line. I queued for an hour or so whilst Steve went to a talk about the new Mad Max film. My queuing wasn’t in vain, we got good seats in the theatre for Nathan’s talk and he was very entertaining. Then it was off for a bit more wandering, a sit in the sun and then the last Q&A of the day was Elizabeth Henstridge from Agents of Shield. She was entertaining also, and people in the crowd actually asked decent questions. 

Eventually it was time to go home, and my favourite weekend of the year was over once again. See you next time Supanova!

Oh and dinner was sesame beef on rice. Simple, quick and tasty. 


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