The Big Hot

Monday after Boxing Day was 37 degrees or something like that. Hot. I like the hot though, so try not to complaint too much even if I am sweating just sitting still. My sister and niece were over from Sydney visiting, so I took them to Lot 20 for dinner. It was really busy as it was a public holiday and lots of other things were not open. I enjoyed a large delicious beer and a plate of Smoked Brisket and coleslaw which was really tasty. I forgot to take a photo though. Oh well!

On Tuesday it was stinking hot again, so we decided to go to the beach with some friends in the evening. Sadly the stinking hot day disappeared and it was windy and actually really cold and just not pleasant at all. We stuck it out though until sunset and had our dinner. Steve and I brought packed bento from home with Karaage Chicken, pumpkin, sesame spinach, onigiri and some other bits and pieces. Everyone else had food from Peters By the Sea.


It got too cold once the sun went down, so we went in search of somewhere warmer. We were just going to grab a coffee at Dome, but it was already closed, so enjoyed a drink in the  kinda-RSL-esque bar of the Rendezvous Hotel. Afterwards we stopped for a quick game of ACDC pinball at Peters By the Sea.

And Pete had a boat ride.


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