New Years Eve Shenanagins 

Ahh New Years Eve, traditionally the most hyped up, yet always the most disappointing night of the year. Actually, except for last year when we were in Kyoto freezing our asses off and drinking beer and eating oden and takoyaki at 2am. That was a most excellent New Years Eve….but I digress…Steve was still on the mend from his operation, so we decided a relaxed evening was in order. We visited our friends Chad and Ren briefly in the afternoon, and then popped in to a NYE party at Dee and Adem’s place. Had a couple of drinks and caught up with a few people we hadn’t seen in a while which was great. Ended up leaving their place around 8:30pm and headed home with grand plans to fire up the hibachi grill I got Steve for Christmas. In hindsight, we probably should have left this to another night, but you live and learn. Our BBQ’s in the past have always been gas, so we don’t have much experience in firing up a charcoal lit BBQ. Actually, make that no experience. None. But, really, how hard can it be? Well after about an hour of trying to get the thing to light properly (and the new addition of quite strong winds) we quickly learnt how hard it can be. 

We decided to try our luck and put some prawns on anyway, but after about 15 minutes and them only just starting to cook, I ended up cooking them (and the other prawns i had) under the grill. We ended up having dinner around 10pm, which made it easy at least for us to stay up until midnight. Next time : start up the BBQ much, much earlier.

We also enjoyed a couple of dark rum Mojito’s whilst we were attempting to BBQ. Happy New Year!


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