In search of Sakura

As previously mentioned we are missing the full bloom of the cherry blossoms by mere days. But, what can you do? Meguro River was on our list of places to go to see the Sakura, and as we had never been there before we thought we may as well go check it out. 

We caught the Yamanote train to Meguro Station, found the river and began our walk along it. Some Sakura had already opened, and it did look lovely, but just imagine how amazing it would look in full bloom!

We found some trees in full bloom up a side street.

We started to get hungry after a while. Walking and looking at trees is hard work. Lucky for us, about half way up the river we stumbled in the Sakura celebrations. We stopped for some grilled bacon and filter coffee. Check out the coffee vendor – see the guy in the back of the car making coffees?

Then we continued our saunter. The path was filled with vendors selling food and drink. Strawberry champagne featured heavily. We saw some more Sakura and lots of small dogs.

We also saw this guy.

Once we had walked the length of the river, we decided to catch the train to Jiyugaoka. A cute little shopping area. We needed a bit of a sit down and a snack, so we bought some onigiri and pork Katsu sandwiches and went and sat in the sun to eat them. We saw lots more small dogs.

We looked at some shops and things and then we stumbled across Sweets Paradise. We decided to just have a look inside. But the lure of sweet tasty treats was too strong and before we new it we were eating Strawberry roll cake and other delicious things

Then we saw some more Sakura.

Caught the train back to Shibuya, where a quick trip to the Disney Store w in order. In was crazy busy in Shibuya, being Sunday and all, so we decided to keep walking and headed towards Yoyogi Park. Upon arriving at the park, we discovered people had been having Hanami (Cherry Blossom viewing) parties in the park all day. There were a lot of people who had had a bit to drink me thinks.

Then a quick rest at Cat Cafe Mocha in Harajuku.

And dinner at a local Izakaya near our accomdation in Ikebukuro.

Good night. 

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