Quick! To the ramen!

First day in Tokyo. We had a very busy day considering we were still recovering from no sleep the previous night, and interrupted sleep last night due to a child (and her family) running around and screaming like they were at a fairground at 1am (and then later at perhaps 2am) right outside our room. 

But, I digress.

First, the only way to start the day in Tokyo. Breakfast of champions

Then we saw a flea market, some Sakura, cats, shops, lots of people and other things.


And then, ramen. We are staying in Ikebukuro. Otherwise known as ramen town. Well, maybe it isn’t, but if you want ramen Ilebukuro is the place to be. We liked the look of this place that we saw last night and decided to head there for a late lunch.

It was tonkotsu ramen. Thick, thick creamy broth. Super delciousness.

Then we saw some illuminated Sakura. (Note: it was the same Sakura we saw earlier in the day)

Dinner was a bento and Maison tonkatsu sandwiches takeaway from Tobu department store. We are it back at our hotel.


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