The diet starts tomorrow

We have been eating too much food I think. But how can one resist such delicious tasty morsels.

We had the best breakfast at our accomodation (Shinazawa Lodge for those taking notes). The lady that runs the place makes the best food. And so much of it.

Then we went skiing to work off breakfast. Lunch was at the top of the mountain at Yamabiko Rest house. I had Tare Katsu Tamago Don. In other words – pork Katsu cutlets with a sauce in them with an onsen egg on rice in a bowl. It was delicious but rather filling.

We were full, but after sitting around for a bit after lunch (and deciding that we had no skiing ability left in us for the day), we decided to have a coffee and egg custard. I did take a photo of this, but for some reason it’s not downloading of my camera.

Oh, on to dinner. After a walk around town and a soak in an onsen, we had dinner at Izakaya Sakae. We have been here every trip to Nozawa. It’s a small family run Izakaya, and they cook up delicious food.we had an assortment of things.


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