Food glorious food

We tried to eat less today, we really did. 

First up, breakfast at Shinazawa. So much food. There was actually more food than this, but we couldn’t eat it all.

Then skiing. Hen break for lunch. I had gyudon with an onsen egg.

And I couldn’t resist an apple soft serve icecream (Apple is this regions specialty)

Then more skiing. Then an onsen. We decided to eat in our hotel this evening, so collected a few things from around town. First up, eggs cooked in the cooking onsen. If you look carefully in one of the photos you can see the man cooking our eggs for us.

We had a snack of Manju (steamed bun with various fillings) – another regional specialty on the walk home.

Then onigiri, eggs, pickled Nozawa veges, bread, beer etc etc for dinner in our room.


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