Eat. Ski. Onsen. Part II

Yeah, you know the deal. This is what’s going on in Nozawa town. 


Skiing. And frolicking on the mountain side.

Toilet stop halfway down the mountain.

Then there was lunch and an onsen.

Then, beer.

Then dinner. We went to an Izakaya, we call it “the other place” because we can’t remember what it’s called. Their food was delicious. And although we vowed not to order the grilled mackerel, we did anyway. Just when we were trying to leave a very arrogant French man decided that it wasn’t his problem that he couldn’t afford dinner because he didn’t have enough cash and they didn’t accept credit card. He was quite the twat. But it provided us with some comedy relief at least. We are not sure how some people make it through life.


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