Rainy days in Kanazawa

Yesterday in Kanazawa it was 23 degrees and delightfully warm. Today it was 14 degrees (if that), raining and cold.

We started the day with a Lawson Convinence Store breakfast.

We spent the morning looking at things in shops and trying to stay warm and dry. Then we headed back to the Omi-cho markets for lunch. First we had a giant oyster. We selected the medium size one for 1000¥. But there were even bigger ones. They shuck the oyster and then you just stand there and eat it and it’s delicious.

Then after a bit more of a wander we had some scallop sashimi. So fresh and tasty.

We eventually decided in a place for lunch. I can never say no to Ikura when it is on offer, but I thought I had better get something slightly different from yesterday, so I got a Ikura, Uni and Kani donburi. Steve got Ikura and Uni. We enjoyed these.

Stopped for coffee after lunch at a cafe at the bottom of a hip and funky hotel.

Whilst wandering around in the cold we stumbled across a cool shop/gallery of local arty crafty things. It was also a cafe. After buying some things in the shop, we enjoyed a Blueberry Rice Koji smoothie.

Tired and cold by the end of the day, we had bento from the train station department store back at our hotel. They were special Sakura bento. So good and so beautifully packaged.


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